For Ancient Traditions Of United Italy In 1861

I taly is one of the very few nations in the world where vines are grown the length and breadth of the country from Bolzano (Sud Tirol Region) to Trapano (Sicily) shaping the character of the countryside.

In this way the wines represent a constant that brings together a diverse land which, within the 20 Italian regions, each contain diverse customs and traditions. All are rich in their distinct culture that witnesses their history and unique features from times in which they were part of the separate empires, kingdoms and dukedoms which ruled them.

The House of Barbo A.T.I.U. 1861 has been founded with the aim of recreating the ancient
heritage from a time which marked the transition of a divided nation, often in conflict.
This new united country founded in March 1861 represented not only an constitutional
unity but brought together a sharing cultures and traditions that today, more than
before, are expressed in a the continually evolving flavour of the diverse regions.

These characteristics are expressed particularly in their wines where we find those aromas and textures that today like before impart, to the connoisseur, their distinct personality.

The Barbo logo reflects these emotions and the history through the colours associated with our territory; the rich green of the vineyards, the white of the snow from the alps and the appennines and the deep red that signifies the world renowned Italian passion.

“Life is too short
to drink mediocre wines.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832).

In a glass of wine we can find the aromas, the flavours and the sensations of the land but more importantly, the knowledge, the labour and the passion of the people who dedicate their lives to its creation.

BARBO A.T.I.U. 1861 di BARBERO F. & BOFFA R. s.n.c.